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Excellent pet care plans in Stretcholt

It is important to provide for your furry friend. Call Blackrock Veterinary Surgery today for Pet Care Plans.

Our Pet Care Plan

Our Pet Care Plan is a monthly option that covers all the annual requirements your furry friend needs. This includes vaccinations, worm and flea treatments, microchipping, a six month check-up, nail clipping and annual blood test. 
You also get 10% off on any treatment or purchase made at our facility. This way you'll not need to worry about the pet care expenses. If you have more than one pet in our Pet Care Plan, the other pets receive £1 discount per month.
a cat

Join our pet care plan today!

Looking to join our Pet Care Plan? You can select the right plan for your furry friend after reading through the details mentioned below. Click on the link to set-up your cardless option of payment. Weights for dogs are based on their expected weight once they reach adulthood. Unsure about which plan to choose? Call Blackrock Veterinary Surgery today. 
Have you already taken up our Pet Care Plan? Need to change your details? Send us an email with your updated details or give us a call today. We serve customers based in Stretcholt and Burnham-on-Sea.

Moving from an old provider?

You can use the below link and our direct debit will begin 5 working days later. This will be debited on a monthly basis thereafter. Click here to let us know about your preferred debit payment date. 
Go Cardless is our direct debit provider. All payments are managed by our team at the practice. 

Please read the agreement below before you sign up to our Care Plan

I understand that I am signing up for a 12 month agreement with the practice. This is to provide for my pet's routine needs, such as vaccination, worm and flea treatment, plus other benefits. The benefits include 10% off on all other treatments my pet may need from the practice.
I understand that if I need to cancel my plan part way through this agreement, I may have to pay the balance that is due. This is to cover the cost of the routine treatment as it is spread over 12 payments. After 12 months the plan will automatically continue unless you ask us to cancel it. You can rely on us to send a reminder nearer the time. If the cost of the plan is due to increase, we will keep you informed. 

Your first pet care payment will leave your account within 4 working days. It will be debited on the same date every month and thereafter. By signing up to this plan you agree to abide by the above statement. We will post a copy of the above to you after you join. We serve pet parents based in Stretcholt and Burnham-on-Sea.

For just £10.50 a month your pet rabbit will receive an annual health check. This is combined with booster and a six month check. 
You also get a whole year's supply of wormers, fly strike treatment and flea spot on. Plus 10% off everything else your pet needs from Blackrock Veterinary Surgery. 


a small cat

For £14.00 a month your cat will receive an annual health check with a booster. A six month check up and a year's supply of wormer and flea treatment. 
This plan also includes a microchip, two nail clips per year and a blood screening once a year. In addition to this you can get 10% off on everything else your furry friend needs from Blackrock Veterinary Surgery.


With just £15.00 per month your friendly, four legged friends will receive an annual health check with the necessary booster. The plan also includes a six month check up, kennel cough vaccination, a full years' supply of wormer and flea treatment. 
three puppies
Looking for pet care plans? Call Blackrock Veterinary Surgery in Stretcholt or Burnham-on-Sea on 01278 684 905 and 01278 552 923

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